Pleased to meet you!

I'm Kara, a 34 year old living outside of Boston with my husband Mike and our cute but very stoic dachshund Gretchen. My family is great, my friends are awesome, and I get to work with college students every day. If I didn't have Stage IV Colon Cancer life would be all excellent.

When I was first diagnosed, I kept a blog here. The goal of that one was to keep people informed. It is shiny and pink and was honest at the time. I expected that when my treatment ended I would feel like myself again, I would move on, I would have one of those tv movie type of story lines where I suddenly see the world with great clarity and make an amazing impact.

That's not how it works. That isn't how it went. I was depressed, I was experiencing my own form of PTSD. I found a therapist, I identified with a new vocabulary, and I started to seek an online community to combat the isolation. I wanted to find a group of bloggers like those I found so easily in the metastatic breast cancer community. I have followed and read the works of these amazing women, but still I couldn't totally relate. 

Now my colon cancer is back after only 9 months NED (no evidence of disease). My perspective of life with and without cancer has altered. My yearning for a different program of treatment support for Young Adult cancer patients has developed. The goal of this blog now is to add my voice to the many thousands of others who don't want to simply surrender to treatments and make it through. I want to thrive and I hope my adventures in Cancerland help you navigate your own.