Who roofied me?!

Gretchen keeping me company.

Gretchen keeping me company.

There are 4 suspects: Mike, Mom, Gretchen, or Chemo. 

Mike: My husband is a big-time cuddler. Maybe he roofied me so I would stop multi-tasking and just hang out and cuddle with him.

Mom: My mom likes to have a job. Maybe she wanted to make sure that I would need her help while she was here this weekend so she roofied me.

Gretchen: This pooch gets very sad when her people leave her. Maybe she slipped me a roofie so I couldn't go anywhere.

Chemo: Is a big, bad, bully a-hole. Maybe it roofied me to keep up appearances.

Yeah, it was definitely the chemo. 

Guys, I am wiped out. I have been "actively" off the couch for a total of 8 hours since Friday. Actively is a stretch - I attended a one hour concert (bravo, UWE!), tried out recliners, and sat at my desk for a few hours today. Otherwise I have been sleeping on and off. As one would when they were roofied. I'm sure my chemo levels can be adjusted so this doesn't happen next time, but I have to tell you that this is pretty discouraging. I worked full-time through my last treatment and maybe felt this horribly once. 

The cute story to balance out all this blah is that our little dog will not leave my side. I know it's partly because she likes nothing more than to be cozy with a person but I also think she really likes me and is maybe a little worried. 

Shoutout to my mom for all the TLC and cooking. Shoutout to Mike for taking care of the gross things and for tracking down every type of ginger drink created.